Welcome to ‘Daphne’s Chorus’

My name is Nevil Kiddier and I lead some informal singing sessions with the Chelmsford, Parkinsons UK Group. Some of you may know me through the movement classes that my wife Meryl Kiddier holds throughout Essex and Hertfordshire. A little about me and what we can expect to do together.

I am a mainly self taught folk and rock musician. I have been playing in semi-pro groups for over 40 years, starting on the drums at 16 but now playing mainly bass guitar, acoustic guitar and mandolin. I have always sung in various groups but was never good-looking enough to be the lead singer! I currently play in a 50’s & 60’s rock and roll group as well as singing tenor with a local choir, Grammaticus, which is linked to CCHS & KEGS schools.
Our Name
This singing group is named in memory of my much loved Mother, Daphne. My mother was a talented singer and pianist and instilled a love of music in me from a very early age. Mum lived with Parkinson’s for over 18 years before she passed away in 2014. Music continued to play an important part in her life and even when the symptoms were severe Mum was able to play the piano, respond to the rhythm of a march and enjoy singing.
The Sessions
Each session will last for approx. an hour and will generally follow on from Meryl’s class.

  • We will start with some simple warm-ups to help keep our facial muscles mobile.
  • Some very relaxed stretching – Breathing (essential!) – Warm-up scales
  • Then some hand-picked songs accompanied by our trusty i-pad and speaker or guitar accompaniment
  • Finally – a warm-down to finish

I have prepared a few songs for the first few weeks but please let me have any ideas of songs that you would like to sing.

Most importantly this class is mainly for fun. Don’t worry if you think you can’t sing, it is very unusual to be tone-deaf!

In fact if you can talk, then you can sing!